Saturday, July 14, 2012

Here is the first of the Retro Beach Towels that I have found.  I have to admit that I am old enough
to remember these.  These are actually made by Actil in Australia.  They are lovely quality.

Check out what I found today amongst the tea towels.  The poor Irish!!  Yes it is a plastic tea towel!
I have just hit the 250 mark of tea towel designs have listed all of these at - I am not sure what the total number of different
designs there will be, but still heaps to come. This Pineapple one is so bright and cheery and
so reminiscent of Queensland Sunshine.
I am off to check out more boxes and do more photographer of tea towels for my shop.
Not sure what I will find this time, but am really excited.
Also just unearthed a box of retro beachtowels, will get a pic up of these asap.
This is one of the sets of retro placemats - from the '70's unopened
I have been really busy uploading more tea towel designs in my shop.
Just found out that my website has been made website of the month at really chuffed about this. 

One of the many Souvenire Tablecloths for sale on my site
Wow just upended another box, what an assortment I found this time

This is a find not seen one yet in this wonderful art nouveau style. fabulous colours.

How sweet is this one another beautiful design from Ulster
You can view more of my teatowels at

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beautiful Irish Linen Tea Towels from my collection.  Endless patterns and designs.

All available on my shop.